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Yin yoga
Yin yoga
17 May 20:00 - 21:00 Animation

Yin yoga

Deep relaxation of body and mind. Take this time to break free at all levels of your life!
The practice of yin yoga uses physical and mental techniques to release energies. It helps to heal the emotional aspects using the physical body and to regain flexibility of body and mind. 

This course is organised as part of the Nendaz Sport adult programme for people aged 15 and over. It takes place all year round except during the school holidays and bank holidays).

CHF 14/hour (to pay at Nendaz Tourisme). 

Registration to Roxane Devènes, +41 (0)79 535 36 59. 

Discover the whole program of the Nendaz Sport classes.

CHF 14/hour
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