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Valentin's Day

Spend a magical evening in Nendaz on the 14th of February. 26-01-2020
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What are you doing on Saint-Valentine’s day ? Nothing planned ? Why not be tempted by a romantic evening in Nendaz.  

In a restaurant

Restaurant Le Bargeot - Baar

3-course menu - Price: from CHF 50.- per person - Website Le Bargeot

Restaurant Les Bisses - Planchouet

4-course menu - Price: CHF 67.- per person - Website Les Bisses 

Restaurant Chez Caroline - Siviez

4-course menu - Price: CHF 79.- per person - Website Chez Caroline

Restaurant Nendaz 4 Vallées - Haute-Nendaz

5-course menu - Price: CHF 84.- per person - Website Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées 

Restaurant Le Mont-Rouge

6-course menu
 - Price : CHF 110.- per person - Website Le Mont-Rouge

In a bar

At the Cantina in Haute-Nendaz and at the Tipi in Siviez

All day, a shot is offered to all couples who give each other a lip smacking kiss. Website

And for the singles

At the Cactus (22h-02h)

Saint- Valentine BARTINDER. Further information

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