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Ski touring : a new itinerary

The new ski touring track links the foot of the gondola to Tracouet. The Nendaz Touring Tracks powered by Movement proposes five tracks (20km). 10-01-2020
Ski touring : a new itinerary-46610

This rando-parc, inaugurated last year, is therefore expanding with a new route, the most demanding of the five, with its 4,9 km in length and its 815 metres in altitude variation. It starts at the bottom of the Tracouet ski run and reaches the restaurant at the summit.

Tracouet itinerary

Just to remind you, the ski touring tracks are secured routes to allow access to ski touring to the greatest number of people. Of varying degrees of difficulty, they allow beginners to learn this discipline and experienced sportsmen and women to train in magnificent settings. All reach the top of the ski lift system. If the ascent is in powder snow, it is highly recommended to come back down via the ski runs (it is strictly forbidden to descend the ski touring itinerary), and this during the ski lift operating hours.  

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