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Itinéraire - Randonnée VTT


This route, mostly descending, takes you from Haute-Nendaz to Sion, passing through most of the villages of the municipality of Nendaz. Along the way you will discover the apricot orchards. The flowering period of the trees, generally in April, plunges you into a magnificent and enchanting decor. From Sion you have the opportunity of returning to Haute-Nendaz by bus with CarPostal.

Departure point sport centre Haute-Nendaz, follow the mountain bike trail number 128
Direction Haute-Nendaz - Saclentse - Basse-Nendaz - Beuson - Brignon - Misériez - Pravidondaz - La Courtaz - Sion
Distance 16.2 km
Physical difficulty 1/5
Technical difficulty 2/5
Panoramic view 4/5 
Sightseeing Basse-Nendaz, Sion (castles of Valère and Tourbillon, the old town)
Duration 1h05
Ascension 165
Descent 1014
Highest point 1353
Level Facile


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