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Old village quarter-40728

Old village quarter

Discover the old village of Haute-Nendaz and its intriguing characteristics. Visit the Moulin du Tsâblo (water mill), the Saint-Michel church without forgetting the little chapel dating from 1499!

The starting point for this walk can be found behind Nendaz Tourisme. Check out the magnificen Tsâblo water mill, then continue straight on along chemin de Praplan.Cross the main road on the hairpin bend and continue on a narrow road leading off below the Crettaz bus stop. Walk towards the Saint-Michel church, and then continue on to the chapel with the same name which dates back to 1499. Go backup towards the main road and pass through the underpass to cross it. From the Café de la Place, climb up the chemin des Bornes. At the junction where the Restaurant de la Grange is located, turn right if you wish to admire the panoramic view from thefoot of the Antenna, or turn left if you wish to return to the resort.

Departure point: the yellow sign beside Nendaz Tourisme in Haute-Nendaz.

Duration 0h45
Ascension 90m
Descent 90m
Highest point 1325
Level Easy


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