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Le Nînd'Art - House of culture

The house of culture, baptized " Le Nînd'Art ", is a space of 190 m2 dedicated to the culture and heritage of Nendaz.

Located in the old quarters of Haute-Nendaz, it offers numerous exhibitions and events throughout the year. A collection of photos, videos and stories are also presented to the general public in our multimedia room.


Exhibition by Béatrice Sauthier, Madeleine and Stéphane Gay

Dates : from the  28th August to the 27th September  2020
Opening on Friday August 28th at 18h
Opening times : from Thursday to Sunday from 16h to 19h30

Béatrice Sauthier (paintings)
Béatrice Sauthier took advantage of an early retirement to return to the pictorial art she vaguely dabbled in in her younger days. Passionate, exuberant, warm, Béatrice Sauthier’spersonality can be found in her painting. The line is clear, each stroke of the brush is powerful, the formats, often imposing.
And what could have been a simple hobby has become an act of creation. «When I find myself before an empty canvas, I don’t know at first what I’m going to paint. Suddenly, the colours begin to talk to me and the painting is built in a spontaneous manner. » Béatrice Sauthier paints by instinct. «I have no model, no master… » Impatient, she prefers acrylic to oil, « because I don’t have time to wait for it to dry ». And yet, when she creates, she forgets the time and spends hours without raising her head or putting down her brushes.

Text by France Massy

Madeleine (sculptures and raku) and Stéphane Gay (sculptures and animal photograpy)
Having always been interested in the surrounding nature, Madeleine and Stéphane Gay walk all over the countryside observing and photographing the wildlife throughout the Valais region. A great lover of stones since his early years, Stéphane used to roam the Mont-Blanc searching for quartz and fluorine. This interest in rocks allowed him to find a wide variety of stones : steatites, jaspers, serpentines as well as various marble from the Valais of which the prestigious cipolin marble from Saillon.
Stone carving has become an exciting activity. In our sculptures, we try to combine the natural beauty of the stone with forms inspired by fauna and its interaction with humans and its mythological interpretation. Stones but also clay for shaping animal scenes : birds in flight, a couple of panthers, ibex’ fights. After an initial firing, the pieces are glazed and then fired once again according to the raku technique that Madeleine happily refines.

Future exhibitions

Exhibition 'Alp'âge' by the Nendaz Heritage Preservation Association (ASPN) 

Dates: from the 23rd October to the 8th November 2020
Opening times : from Friday to Sunday from 17h to 20h

Exhibition of Nend'artistes

Dates : part 1 from the 4th December 2020 to the 10th January 2021 ; part 2 from the 5th February to the 14th March 2021  




Route de Nendaz 869, 1997 Haute-Nendaz



Opening times from August 28th to September 27th 2020 : from Thursday to Sunday from 16h to 19h30
Route de la Télécabine 1
1997 Haute-Nendaz
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Mon - Fri | 09:00-12:00 14:00-18:00
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