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Day 2: cabane d'Essertze - cabane Saint-Laurent-44116
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Day 2: cabane d'Essertze - cabane Saint-Laurent

Distance: 14.5 kilometres
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Leave the cabin towards the Gouilles d’Essertze (mountain lakes). When you reach the lakes, follow the path on your left which runs along these little lakes. The path begins to gently go uphill before leading you to a cross which marks the summit of the Mont Rouge (2'491 metres). Admire the increduble panoramic view before coming downhill to reach the mountain restaurant Les Chottes (2'209 metres) where you can stop for a drink. Continue for 10 minutes until you reach the Combyre-Meina mountain pastures where the famous raclette cheese is produced from mid-July.

At the restaurant at Combatseline (2’238 metres), enjoy the surrounding scenery laid ou before you. Continue along the Bisse de Chervé which constitutes a spectacular mountain path with a sumptuous view over the Cleuson dam. Be careful, the path is narrow in some places. From the bridge at the end of the Cleuson lake, and after a 40-minute ascent you will reach the Saint-Laurent Mountain Cabin where you will spend your second night.

Perched at 2'490 metres above sea level, the Saint-Laurent Mountain Cabin was built in 1968 by members of the Ski Club Arpettaz (Nendaz). Once a meeting place for friends of the club and a summer training camp for young skiers of Nendaz, the cabin is now an essential stopover for nature enthusiasts. Its authentic and rustic style will certainly surprise you. The mountain atmosphere that reigns there offers you a unique and unforgettable experience. Younes, the caretaker, and his staff will give you a warm welcome.

If you still have time and energy, the Grand Désert Lake (2'642 metres) is 30 minutes on foot above the cabin. This lake is included on the “Along the Glacier” educational tour inaugurated in 2020. Departing from the Saint-Laurent Cabin, it forms a three-hour hiking circuit, composed of eight information posts accessible to all.

Saint-Laurent Mountain Cabin information

  • The evening meal is served at 19:00
  • Slippers available
  • Only accepts payment by cash
  • Electricity available from 19:00 to 20:00
  • Shower available CHF 5.-
  • Dogs permitted
  • Open from the 26 June until the 19 September 2021
  • Contact: +41 (0) 79 229 01 74
  • Measures Covid-19

Duration 5h00
Ascension 689 metres
Descent 409 metres
Highest point 2490


Route de la Télécabine 1
1997 Haute-Nendaz
+41 27 289 55 89 |

Mon-Fri 09:00-12:00 | 14:00-17:00
Sat 09:00-12:30 | 13:30-17:00
Sun closed