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Bare foot path

Back to natural sensations with the 'bare foor path'! This easy walk guarantees an enjoyable moment with your family or friends. Departing from Siviez, the bare foot path leads you to the picnic area located along the riverside.

Sand, wood shavings, pebbles, pine cones and wooden logs, earth, grass,moss and pine needles fill various sections of a path which introduces walkers to this sensorial experience. The departure of this path can be found at the entrance of, just behind the first building (Restaurant "les Bergers" and "Chez Odette"). There you can find a large earthen square. The bare foot path is marked out with small footprint signposts.

Departure point: the yellow sign at the post-bus stop at Siviez.
Duration 0h45
Ascension 75m
Descent 75m
Highest point 1769
Level Easy


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