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“Along the glacier”

The Arpettaz Ski-Club in Nendaz have created a new themed trail this summer which departs from the Saint-Laurent cabin and follows the vestiges of the Grand Désert glacier! 20-07-2020
“Along the glacier”-47888

As you follow this themed trail, you will find 18 signs indicating the dates at which the glacier could be found in the past, giving you a visual representation of the regression of the glacier over the years. During the trail you will also find information and anecdotes regarding the glacier’s permanent metamorphosis and the effects on the flora and fauna. There are three circuits on offer for this trail, either 3, 6 or 7 kilometres which last 1h30, 2h30 and 3h30 respectively. None of these circuits present any technical difficulty so are open to all walkers of a decent level. There are two objectives behind this project. Firstly, to encourage walkers to hike past the Cleuson lake and discover the end of the valley and secondly, to make people aware of the massive regression that the Grand Désert has undergone. Come and discover it for yourself! More information

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